Elegant Purple Orchid Pot


Flowers: 6 stems  orchids

Size: Approximately 55cm x 40cm 

This exquisite orchid pot features five branches of purple Phalaenopsis, symbolizing nobility and elegance. Perfect for office or home decor, the orchid's meaning is "prosperity," implying a thriving career and a happy life. This orchid pot not only beautifies the environment but also brings a touch of freshness and serenity to your space. Its grand design makes it an excellent choice for opening gifts or festive presents.

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At uFlowerShop, we carefully select only grade A or above orchids for shipping.

The potted orchids will be accompanied by other greenery, which will be replaced by comparable foliage and styles depending on the season. As for the pot, the style and design will be subject to frequent changes depending on the stock availability, however, same-colored vessels will be prioritized for delivery.

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