Opening Flower Stand

Choose from a variety of opening flower stands and flower plaques suitable for new store openings, concerts, exhibitions, office relocations, and more. Our reasonably priced offerings are the perfect way to extend your congratulations on a new business venture.

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Exquisite Balloon Tabletop...
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Exquisite Balloon Tabletop Flower Box

Opening Flower Stand-Daye
  • -$300.00

Opening Flower Stand-Daye

$1,088.00 $1,388.00

Opening Flower Stand-Make Money


Opening Flower Baskets - Will be Better


Opening flower baskets - Bring in wealth and treasure


Opening Flower Stand-Golden Gate


Opening Flower Stand Full of Friends


Opening Flower Stand- Great business

Opening Flower Basket...
  • -$700.00

Opening Flower Basket Guests May Wish to

$988.00 $1,688.00
Opening Flower Stand-Booming
  • -$300.00

Opening Flower Stand-Booming

$1,688.00 $1,988.00

Opening Flower Basket - Glorious Auspiciousness


Opening Flower Stand-Unprecedented

Opening flower baskets...
  • -$100.00

Opening flower baskets flourishing flowers

$688.00 $788.00

Opening Flower Stand - Blue Sky


Opening Flower Stand- Good things come in pairs


Opening Flower Baskets - Colorful Hong Kong


Double-layer Opening Flower Basket -Win


Vibrant Bloom Tabletop Flower Basket


Grand Opening Flower Basket 08


Opening Flower Stand - Peace Money


Grand Opening Basket - Radiant Prosperity


Balloon Flower Basket Concert Flower Cards


Opening Flower Stand-Flowers Bloom


exhibition flower basket


Grand Opening Flower Baskets: U Flower Shop Adds Color to Your New Business

In Hong Kong, the launch of every new business is an important moment worth celebrating. U Flower Shop understands this well, offering grand opening flower baskets starting from $688, featuring fresh flowers and stylish designs, aimed at adding extraordinary joy and blessings to your opening ceremony.

Selected Grand Opening Baskets

Whether you prefer traditional or modern styles, luxurious double-layered or simple single-layered designs, U Flower Shop can meet your needs. Our baskets not only symbolize wealth, prosperity, and success but also add a festive atmosphere to any occasion, showing your passion and professionalism for the business.

Buying Guide

When choosing a grand opening basket, please consider the following points to ensure it perfectly matches your business launch needs:

Budget: Clarify your budget range and choose the basket that offers the best value for money.

Style and Theme: Choose a basket design that matches your business's brand image and the style of the opening ceremony.

Ordering and Delivery: To ensure timely delivery, it is recommended to place your order 5-7 days in advance.

Same-Day Basket Service

Facing urgent orders, we also offer same-day basket ordering service. Although specific materials may be adjusted due to seasonal and timing constraints, we promise to create a beautiful and decent basket for you, even at the last minute.

Our Promise

Please note, all online displayed images of grand opening baskets are for reference only. Since each basket is handmade and materials are natural with seasonal variations, there will be slight differences each time. But this is precisely the unique charm of handicrafts, making each basket a one-of-a-kind artwork.

Choose U Flower Shop's grand opening baskets to add a splash of color to your new business launch. Contact us now via WhatsApp at 5532 7782 for professional and personalized service. Let's celebrate the fresh start of your business together!

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