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Customized bouquets or flower baskets


We understand that everyone has different requirements and tastes. The flowers on Youzhihuapu may not meet your requirements, so we launch tailor-made bouquets and flower baskets. We can customize them according to your requirements, close to the personal bouquets or flower baskets you need. Before ordering flowers, please contact our sales team and consult with us. We are happy to listen to your needs and try our best to provide you with satisfactory bouquets or flower baskets.

Pure Love Bouquet



Daisy, lily, white rose/matching green plants


Length: about 14"H x 13"W.

The Pure Love bouquet is composed of lilies, white roses and daisies. It represents pure love for her. The blue daisy also means silent love. You can give it to the girl you have a crush on to express your love.

Charm and Elegance Bouquet



Carnation, rose, hydrangea, lily/matching green plants


Length: Approximately 15" H x 14" W.

This bouquet consists of carnations, roses, hydrangeas and lilies. With this lush arrangement, she will definitely become brighter and more charming on this day. Highlight her charm and elegance.

Sunshine Bouquet



Daisy Sunflower Snapdragon/matching green plants


Length: about 18"H x 16"W.

This stunning bouquet is made up of sunflowers, snapdragons and cute daisy pompoms, thriving! It means that after graduation, your career will flourish and prosper. It can satisfy your own occasions or as a birthday bouquet as a blessing to your friends.

Youth Sunshine Bouquet



Carnation, daisy, sunflower/matching green plants


Length: about 13"H x 13"W.

Sunny hues and interesting floral varieties, no matter who you give it to, you can look youthful, sunny and full of vigor. It can be used for graduation, birthday, anniversary and romantic show of love, etc.

Sweet Memories Bouquet



Rose, lily, carnation/matching green plants


Length: about 16" H x 16" W.

The Sweet Memories bouquets are composed of roses, lilies, carnations and green plants, representing the sweet memories of couples together. Can be used as proposal bouquets, birthday bouquets, anniversary bouquets, romantic bouquets. Usually Tai girlfriend and wife can be happy.