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Kindergarten Graduation Bouquet - Bright Future



Sunflower Gypsophila / Seasonal green leaves.


Length: Approx. 15"H x 10"W

This graduation bouquet is specially designed for kindergarten children. The sunflower represents a bright future, and the gypsophila represents the need to explore deeper knowledge. Suitable for children\'s first graduation bouquet, or primary school graduation.

Guarantee Bouquet - Bright Buture



Sunflower flowers Rose Eustoma/green leaves in season.


Length: Approx. 15"H x 16"W

Graduation bouquet - a bright future, with sunflower flowers, roses and eustoma, with a fashionable and vibrant design. Flower language: Xin Xin students have a bright future after graduation, and most of them are used for graduation.

Sunshine Bouquet



Daisy Sunflower Snapdragon/matching green plants


Length: about 18"H x 16"W.

This stunning bouquet is made up of sunflowers, snapdragons and cute daisy pompoms, thriving! It means that after graduation, your career will flourish and prosper. It can satisfy your own occasions or as a birthday bouquet as a blessing to your friends.

Youth Sunshine Bouquet



Carnation, daisy, sunflower/matching green plants


Length: about 13"H x 13"W.

Sunny hues and interesting floral varieties, no matter who you give it to, you can look youthful, sunny and full of vigor. It can be used for graduation, birthday, anniversary and romantic show of love, etc.