Royal Purple Spring


Flowers: 12 stem big chili orchids

Size: Approximately 85cm x 70cm 

The "Royal Purple Spring" orchid arrangement is like a serene messenger of spring, its rich purple hues whispering tales of nobility and grace. Each bloom of the Phalaenopsis, popularly known as the "big chili orchid," stands for resilience and vitality, carrying hopes and blessings for a prosperous life ahead. Ideal as a celebratory gift for new beginnings or as a stunning home decor piece, this orchid brings an extraordinary splash of color and vibrancy to any space.

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The potted orchids will be accompanied by other greenery, which will be replaced by comparable foliage and styles depending on the season. As for the pot, the style and design will be subject to frequent changes depending on the stock availability, however, same-colored vessels will be prioritized for delivery.

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