Japanese Sogetsu Ikebana Certificate Course

Japanese Sogetsu Ikebana Certificate Course

Japanese Sogetsu Ikebana Certificate Course

There are three major ikebana schools in Japan, Ikebo, Ohara-ryu, and Sogetsu Ikebana-ryu. Among them, Cao Yueliu is the most contemporary and avant-garde. Even so, it has a history of 100 years.

Sogetsu Ikebana

Japanese style Sogetsu Ikebana

Ever since the Sogetsu Ikebana-ryu Flower Road was founded by the imperial commander Kawara Cangfeng, it has completely subverted the traditions of the Japanese flower art world. He has broken the old frame of materials, containers and expressive space of the classical flower Road, advocating to show the freedom, diversity and modern life. Adapt to the natural style.

Japanese style Sogetsu Ikebana

The founder of Cao Yue, Kawara Cangfeng, believes that flower art should be integrated into life, so that anyone can enjoy the fun of flower arranging at any time and with any form of material.

Japanese style Sogetsu Ikebana

Japanese Kusatsutsuryu International Certificate Course (Volume 1)

Sogetsu Ikebana

Learning focus:

Based on the Lizhen type and the true type, it focuses on the skills of potted flowers and flower vases. The changes of the main branches of "true, auxiliary, and control" are used to practice the proportion, angle, and layering of the flower shape. It is Caoyue Introductory Course of Stream

Sogetsu Ikebana


Caoyue’s flowers are not many, but refined. They exercise and cleanse the soul through simplicity, unfettered, keen observation, and creative characteristics. This course is suitable for basic training in aesthetics-related creativity, landscape construction, space design and other related industries

Japanese style Sogetsu Ikebana

Study time: 20 lessons for 1 book (4 books in total) / about 1.5 hours per lesson

Tuition fee: $100 HKD per lesson

Instructor Introduction:

Kiwi Poon / Principal

美國花藝學院教授文憑 Professor Diploma of American Floral Art School (Chicago, Illinois)

美國花藝學院國際認可銅牌教授 International Bronze Diploma of American Floral Art School (Chicago, Illinois)

日式草月流2級 (Nikyu Shihan) 師範教授

Dutch Flower Arrangements 1 荷蘭花藝專才證書

亞洲花藝文化協會認證講師 Asia Flower Culture Association (AFCA) instructor

中國職工教育和職業培訓協會 (高級花藝師)

僱員再培訓局 (ERB) 花店實務及花藝設計課程註冊導師


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