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Knowledge and Coupon
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A bouquet is a common gift that can express love, blessings, gratitude and other emotions. Whether it is Valentine’s Day, birthday, Mother’s Day or other important festivals, sending flowers is one of the best ways to express your feelings. However, how to choose, make and send the most...
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The Grand Opening Flower Basket, also known as the grand opening flower plaque, is a traditional cultural custom that is widely used in many countries and regions. It is usually composed of various types of fresh flowers and green plants, arranged on a specially made flower basket or stand, to...
Posted by   Knowledge and Coupon     0 Comments      views (7257) compiled a batch of congratulatory messages for the opening of the restaurant, which are concise, clear, and easy to remember, for customers and netizens to send good wishes to relatives and friends at the beginning of the restaurant's opening!
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Many friends have asked Youzhihuapu for advice on how to take care of orchid potted plants so that they can live longer? Why did it take 2 weeks to thank you? By the way, Eva, a florist with more than 20 years of experience in orchid care, made the following key points.
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The raceme is terminal, the bracts are leaf-like, solitary, sessile, densely clustered, infinite inflorescence, blooming gradually from bottom to top, with slightly aromatic; sepals are strip-lanceolate, recurved outwards; 4 petals , Obovate, with long claws, white or rose-colored to purple-red;...