Ordering Details and Frequently Asked Questions for Grand Opening Flower Baskets

Ordering Details and Frequently Asked Questions for Grand Opening Flower Baskets

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Opening flower baskets are a common gift to congratulate a new business on its grand opening. The flower basket can not only add a festive atmosphere to the new store, but also express your blessings to the new store. When ordering an opening flower basket, you need to consider the following factors:


The price of opening flower baskets ranges from hundreds to thousands of dollars, depending on the flowers, size and design. Before ordering, you should first determine your budget range so that you can choose the right flower basket.


The styles of opening flower baskets can be divided into traditional and modern. Traditional flower baskets are usually dominated by festive colors such as red, yellow and gold, and are matched with flowers with auspicious meanings such as money trees and fortune bamboos. Modern flower baskets pay more attention to the sense of design, and can be customized according to the brand image and style of the new store.


Common flowers used in opening flower baskets include:

Fresh flowers: orchids, roses, lilies, sunflowers, gladiolus, etc.

Money trees, fortune bamboos and other plants with auspicious meanings

Other decorations such as ribbons, balloons, etc.

When choosing flowers, you should pay attention to the flower language and meaning. For example, orchids represent elegance and nobility, roses represent love and blessing, and sunflowers represent vitality and enthusiasm.

Ordering and Delivery

Opening flower baskets can be ordered through florists or online. When ordering, you should provide the following information:

Recipient's name, address and phone number

Delivery date and time

Style and price of flower basket

Blessing message

Generally speaking, florists will provide delivery service. To ensure that the flower basket can be delivered on time, it is recommended to place an order 5-7 days in advance.

Here are some tips for ordering opening flower baskets:

Before ordering, determine your budget, style and flowers.

Place an order 5-7 days in advance to ensure that the flower basket can be delivered on time.

Attach a blessing message to the flower basket to express your blessings to the new store.

Same-Day Basket Service

For urgent orders, we also offer a same-day basket ordering service. Although the selection of flowers may vary due to seasonal and time constraints, we promise to create a basket that is both beautiful and dignified for you.

Our Promise

Please note that all grand opening basket images displayed online are for reference only. Since each basket is handmade and the floral materials are natural and seasonal, there will always be slight differences. But this is precisely the unique charm of handicrafts, making each basket a one-of-a-kind piece of art.

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