English name: Pansy Violet,

Scientific name: Viola tricolor Linn.

Also known as: butterfly flower, cat face, grimace flower.

Origin: Central and Northern Europe, Northern Asia.

Pansy is 10-40 cm high, with thicker stems on the ground, upright or slightly inclined, basal leaves, long ovate or lanceolate, large flowers, 3-10 flowers on each stem, usually purple, white, and yellow per flower Tricolor, flowering period from April to July, fruit period from May to August.

Pansy flower language: daydream, longing, contemplation, happiness, please miss me and let us associate.

According to the 15 volumes of "Flora of the Soviet Union", the Tacheng Viola Viola tarbagataica Klok. in Kom. Fl. URSS 15: 683. 1949. is a perennial herb produced in the Tacheng region of Xinjiang. The above-ground stems are 10-25 cm high and glabrous. The lower part of the leaf stem is ovate or round-ovate, the middle part is oblong-ovate, and the upper part is oblong-lanceolate, 1.2-5 cm long, 0.5-1.7 cm wide, with densely crenellated edges; stipules 0.7-3.2 cm long , Palmately deep-lobed, apical lobes leaf-shaped, lateral lobes linear-oblong. Flowers 1-5 are born on each stem; pedicel is 2-11 cm long; sepals are linear and oblong, 10-12 mm long, apex is short and acuminate; corolla blue-purple, 2-2.5 cm wide, base of lower petals There are yellow spots, and the distance is 3-4 mm long. Capsule ovoid, 7-8 mm long. But we did not see the specimen.

Pansy Legend

A long, long time ago, Viola flowers were pure white, like clouds in the sky. Cupid, the naughty god of love, is a little naughty boy. The bow and arrow in his hand has the magic of love. Whoever shoots it will fall in love with the person he first sees. It is a pity that Eros is both naughty and inaccurate, so love stories in the world often go wrong. On this day, Eros found another unlucky ghost, ready to use him to shoot arrows. Who knew that an arrow was shot, and suddenly a gust of wind blew over, and the arrow hit the white Viola flower. Blood and tears flowed from the flower heart of the white Viola flower, and the blood and tears could not be wiped away after they were dried. Since then, the white pansy flower has become the pansy of today, which is the origin of the pansy in the myth.

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