What flowers do you give your wife's birthday?

What flowers do you give your wife's birthday?

Wife wants to send flowers or gifts for her birthday! Every man who loves his wife should send a bouquet of flowers or gifts on his wife’s birthday to express his love for his wife. But what flowers should I give to my wife? You can send it according to your understanding of her, according to your preference, or refer to the information of uflowershop.

Generally speaking, sending flowers to your wife is definitely to express your love for your wife, and to send your heart and your wife's gratitude for this family. The following are recommended flowers based on the background information of uflowershop:

1: Rose

For my wife’s birthday, roses are the first choice. Rose represents love, nobility, love and beauty, radiant, pure love, beautiful love, and beauty. According to legend, Venus, the goddess of love, ran among the prickly rose bushes in search of her lover Adonis. The rose pierced her hand and pierced her leg, and the blood dripped on the rose petals, the white rose. Since then it has become red, and the red rose has become a symbol of steadfast love. Later, people regarded the rose as a token of love.

What color rose should I give? Generally choose the following roses for your wife’s birthday:

Red rose flower language: passionate love, enthusiasm, passionate love, hoping to have passionate love with you, sincere love, sincere love

Pink rose flower language: touching, declaration of love, remembering in the heart, love and special care, eternal love

White Rose Flower Language: Our love is pure, pure and innocent, you and I can be called a perfect match

Champagne Rose Flower Language: I only love you

How many roses should I give to my wife?

Wife love is in her heart, expressed in flowers! Property prices in Hong Kong are high, and most middle-class couples work together to provide housing. Many Hong Kong women are reasonable, not necessarily 99 roses every time. Sending flowers to your wife’s birthday is mainly to express your love for your wife and your attention to your wife. Even if I give a rose, my wife will be happy.

Give 1 rose: you are my only

Send 10 roses: ten hearts and ten intentions, perfect and impeccable

Send 12 roses: love for you is increasing day by day

Send 19 roses: love forever

Send 33 Roses: The Love of Three Lives III

Give 99 roses: forever

2, lily + rose

The lily symbolizes a hundred years of harmony. It is smooth and easy to live together. When paired with a rose, it can express the wife's love even more.

As long as you pay more attention to her preferences, what flowers your wife will give her birthday is not a problem.

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