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8 white orchids, symbolizing festive harmony.

This is a carefully selected white orchid pot, consisting of eight white orchids that are as pure as jade. The flowers bloom like butterflies flying, and the stamens are embellished like pearls scattered. The overall shape is elegant and noble, with a sense of art. White orchids symbolize purity, elegance, harmony, and auspiciousness in Chinese traditional culture, and are the best choice for gift-giving and congratulation. This New Year orchid pot can not only add a touch of freshness to your home or office, but also bring blessings and joy to your friends and relatives. Order this New Year orchid pot now and let it add a touch of beauty to your new year!

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6 purple and white orchids, symbolizing festive harmony.

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This New Year orchid potted plant is a gift full of New Year atmosphere. It consists of six purple and white butterfly orchids, each one like a butterfly flying with beauty and nobility. They are planted in a golden exquisite pot, creating a luxurious and beautiful contrast with the purple and white orchids. This potted plant also comes with a red Chinese knot and some festive decorations, adding some festive and auspicious elements. This potted plant has a luxurious and generous design, very suitable for gift-giving, and can also add a touch of spring to your home or office. In the New Year celebration, it represents your wish for your friends or partners to be lucky and successful, and everything goes well.

At uFlowerShop, we carefully select only grade A or above orchids for shipping.

The potted orchids will be accompanied by other greenery, which will be replaced by comparable foliage and styles depending on the season. As for the pot, the style and design will be subject to frequent changes depending on the stock availability, however, same-colored vessels will be prioritized for delivery.

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The white orchids are very fresh and stunning

The white orchids are very fresh and stunning, and they represent purity and elegance.

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