Opening Flower Basket

Opening Flower Basket

The Grand Opening Flower Basket, also known as the grand opening flower plaque, is a traditional cultural custom that is widely used in many countries and regions. It is usually composed of various types of fresh flowers and green plants, arranged on a specially made flower basket or stand, to express congratulations and blessings.

1, Origin

    Generally speaking, the tradition of sending flower baskets to express congratulations is related to religious, political, and social activities in history. The origin of sending flower baskets can be traced back to a long time ago, but the specific time and place may vary due to culture and customs.

    In ancient China, sending flower baskets to express congratulations was very common in official ceremonies and celebrations. During the Qing Dynasty, various types of flower baskets and wreaths were offered at the emperor's birthday celebrations and auspicious ceremonies.

    In the West, sending flower baskets to express congratulations also has a long history. In ancient Greece and Rome, people often used flowers in sacrifices and religious ceremonies. In medieval Europe, people also used flowers to decorate religious places and city squares to celebrate and commemorate.

    Today, sending flower baskets to express congratulations usually appears in commercial openings, concerts, exhibitions, and listing celebrations, becoming an important cultural tradition. It is usually made up of various flowers and green plants to show its colorful and magnificent characteristics, achieving the effects of congratulation, supporting the atmosphere, gathering popularity, and publicity.

2, On what occasions are opening flower baskets commonly used?

Opening flower baskets are usually used for commercial openings, celebrations, and important holidays. Here are some common occasions for opening flower baskets:

    Commercial openings or relocations: When a new store opens or relocates, people often send opening flower baskets to express their blessings and support. Opening flower baskets can be placed at the store entrance or in prominent locations inside, bringing good luck and customer traffic to the new business.

    Artistic performances such as concerts: Before the stars perform, their friends, fans, and supporters usually prepare many opening flower baskets and other gifts to express their support and admiration.

    Exhibitions, such as art exhibitions, cultural exhibitions, and product exhibitions. Opening flower baskets at exhibitions can become an important medium between exhibitors and participants, expressing exhibitors' support and attention to participants and making participants feel the exhibitors' sincerity and friendliness.

    Stock listings: A stock listing is an important milestone that marks a company entering a new development stage. At this time, opening flower baskets become an important gift that not only adds a festive atmosphere to the company's listing but also expresses people's attention and support for the company.

Opening flower baskets is a popular way of gifting, suitable for various occasions and festivals. Through careful design and production, opening flower baskets can express the most sincere blessings and emotions, bringing people beautiful memories and experiences.

3, The Height of Grand Opening Flower Baskets

The shape and height of grand opening flower baskets vary according to the customer's needs and the creativity of the floral designer. Generally, the height of grand opening flower baskets ranges from 1 to 2 meters. For large-scale events such as business openings and artistic performances, the height of the flower baskets is usually higher to attract more attention and create a grand atmosphere. Typically, the height is around 1.8 meters, and the stand is mostly a tripod. There are also some large grand opening flower baskets that stand around 2 meters tall, and their stand is a four-legged or ladder structure.

4, Making Process of Grand Opening Flower Basket

The making process of a grand opening flower basket can be divided into several steps:

    Prepare materials: The materials needed to make a grand opening flower basket include flowers, greenery, binding tapes, cutting tools, netting, and firmer foam.

    Cut and arrange flowers: Cut and arrange flowers and greenery according to the designer's requirements for subsequent processing. Usually, the color, shape, and size of the flowers should be consistent with the overall design style of the flower basket.

    Make the bottom of the flower basket: Cut the floral foam into an appropriate size and shape and fix it at the bottom of the basket with binding tape to facilitate the insertion and fixing of the flowers.

    Arrange flowers: Insert the arranged flowers one by one into the floral foam, and arrange and match them according to the designer's requirements. During the process of flower arrangement, attention should be paid to the height and angle of the flowers to achieve the best visual effect.

    Decorate and package: Decorate and package the flower basket with elements such as binding tapes, netting, and ribbons to enhance its beauty and grandeur.

    Final inspection: Finally, check the grand opening flower basket to ensure the flowers are inserted and fixed securely, the appearance of the flower basket is neat and beautiful, and it meets the customer's requirements.

5, What are the commonly used flowers in an opening flower basket?

    An opening flower basket is a gift used to celebrate the opening of a new business, store or other important occasions. It is often made with flowers that represent good luck, blessings, prosperity, or abundance. Commonly used flowers in an opening flower basket include:

    Flowers for good luck, such as golden chrysanthemums, yellow roses, red spider chrysanthemums, apricot-colored bellflowers, lilies, purple peonies, and orchids. These flowers represent happiness, good luck, and blessings.

    Flowers for prosperity, such as sunflowers, colorful tulips, bright red roses, purple roses, hydrangeas, birds of paradise, red and green palms, and African chrysanthemums. These flowers represent prosperity, growth, and development.

    Flowers for blessings, such as white roses, peonies, lilies, roses, dancing orchids, crab claws, and Japanese musk. These flowers represent good wishes, happiness, and blessings.

In addition, an opening flower basket may also include some green plants and foliage to increase its layers and richness. Commonly used green plants include Phalaenopsis, Ficus microcarpa, and Hedera helix. Commonly used foliage includes silver leaf chrysanthemums, ginkgo leaves, eucalyptus leaves, red beans, lover's grass, yellow cherry blossoms, fishtail leaves, baby's breath, happy flowers, octagonal leaves, turtleback leaves, impatiens, green iron leaves.

These flowers are selected to be used in the opening flower baskets with the hope of bringing good luck, prosperity, and blessings to the recipient. Different types of flowers may vary depending on the region, culture, and customs.

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