How to take care of orchids in pots

How to take care of orchids in pots

Among the four gentlemen of plum, orchid, bamboo and chrysanthemum, orchids always occupy a place. Whether it is a gift to celebrate the opening of a new home or a new home, or to buy home decorations in the New Year, orchids are the first choice. Delicate and elegant, it is in line with the Chinese aesthetics; the elegant flowers have won the love of the public.

But many friends have asked Youzhihuapu for advice on how to take care of orchid potted plants so that they can live longer? Why did it take 2 weeks to thank you? By the way, Eva, a florist with more than 20 years of experience in orchid care, made the following key points.

How to take care of orchids

1. The environment should be ventilated

First of all, you must know that the environment where the orchid is located must be ventilated.

Therefore, whether it is Phalaenopsis or Cymbidium, or Dendrobium or Shulan, after buying it home, it must be placed in a ventilated position first.

If possible, consider placing orchids near the arcade or window sill at home to ensure air circulation.

It needs to be emphasized that if you have to leave home for work, remember not to close all doors and windows, and consider setting aside suitable locations to meet the ventilation needs of orchids.

How to take care of orchids

2. Reasonable and adequate lighting is critical

Secondly, it is emphasized that reasonable and sufficient lighting is very important.

Especially for Phalaenopsis, we must ensure that there is enough light for it to photosynthesize. The orchid can bloom for a long time with enough light and water supplementation (the issue of water supplementation will be discussed in detail below), supplemented by the proper application of nutrients.

The light mentioned here is mainly sunlight.

Keep in mind that direct sunlight should generally be avoided. Most species of orchids, cannot withstand direct sunlight -- not even in winter. Because, even in winter, it is inevitable that the temperature will rise at noon. At this time, when the light is very strong, the orchid will become lighter in color, and the orchid will burn and die.

Therefore, whether it is by the window sill or beside the arcade, when choosing the location, we take the place where there is scattered light. What is scattered light? It is the light that is refracted from the outside - the sun shines on the opposite building or rooftop, and the light reflected from them is more suitable.

Or, in the morning until eleven o'clock, the sun from the east, on the orchid, will not be a problem.

Some friends will say, what should I do if there is no sunshine at home? Here, it is recommended to place the orchid in a position where there is light, using ordinary and some LED lights, and properly supplementing the light, the orchid will bloom better.

How to take care of orchids

3. The right temperature is very important

It should be said that orchids are very sensitive to temperature changes. For orchids, it can't adapt to the changing temperature too quickly. Obviously, in winter, the temperature at night is very low during the day and night. In contrast, the temperature at the beginning of the day is much higher. In fact, if the process of changing the temperature is relatively slow, the orchid can accept it, but if the temperature changes drastically within an hour or two, it may not be able to.

It is mentioned here that the Phalaenopsis orchid loved by many friends in Hong Kong is a species that is more afraid of cold. Because it grows in tropical regions near the equator in Southeast Asia all year round, it is not afraid of heat but cold. If the temperature is lower than 15 ℃, it is not allowed to blow the cold wind directly to the flowers. At this time, it can be considered that if it is by the window, the window should be closed at night; if it is placed in the arcade, it must be moved into the room. If the temperature drops to 12 ℃ or below. We must also strictly prevent orchids from being frostbitten.

Some friends may want to ask, if the temperature is low, can the heater be turned on? I suggest that you can, but pay attention to three points: first, the heater should be farther away from the orchid; second, the temperature of the heater should not be set too high, preferably between 18 and 25 degrees, especially not The temperature is higher than 30°C; thirdly, the heater should be placed farther away, and the wind from the heater must not be blown directly to the flowers at close range.

Of course, there are also those that are not afraid of cold, such as Cymbidium cymbidium and Dendrobium. But there are no absolutes in the world, and it should not be lower than 5 ℃, which is not conducive to the growth of orchids. In addition, although it is relatively cold-resistant, when encountering cold weather, do not let the cold wind blow it directly! Otherwise the buds will wither.

All in all, although different varieties of orchids have slightly different degrees of temperature tolerance, if you want them to bloom well, the temperature range of 18°C-25°C is very suitable.

How to take care of orchids to water

Phalaenopsis, it is planted with a water table.

Often during the Chinese New Year, we often plant orchids in a ceramic pot, which is already airtight, and there is only one hole at the bottom of the pot, so the humidity can be maintained for a long time. In this case, after the first watering, we must not water every day or every other day, if so, within a week or two, the orchid will die. Why--because the root of the flower cannot breathe smoothly because it is wrapped in a wet water table for a long time, the root will rot. Once the root is rotten, the orchid will gradually wither and die.

If you buy not many flowers, just a pot, a thin orchid, it is more reasonable to water it every 10 days to two weeks. If you buy a large pot, 3 pots, 5 pots or even 8 pots, it is enough to water it every 3 weeks or even once a month.

What are the guidelines for showering? The author suggests that it should be thoroughly drenched, and the water should be poured out of the water hole at the bottom. Don't just sprinkle it twice and you're done.

How to control the temperature of the water? It is recommended that when showering, it is better to use less than more! Sprinkle less, there are deficiencies can be remedied - you will find that the leaves of the orchid are wrinkled and lacking in spirit. Once the water is replenished according to the actual situation, it will return to fullness. But if the water is too much, the orchid can easily die due to rotten roots. Remember this!

It is worth pointing out that watering the orchid should be determined according to the degree of humidity; at the same time, it must be done on a sunny day.

As mentioned above, the time interval for watering the orchid. In addition to the above experience, there is another way to judge whether to replenish water for flowers: press the water table with your fingers, if you feel that it is obviously wet, there is no need to replenish water; when 80% or 90% of the time is dry, you can consider appropriate replenishment.

Speaking of which, some friends may not believe it -- it depends on the day for watering the orchid? Please don't get me wrong here, it's not the day to choose, but the day to get in the water, it's to choose the day when there is sunshine. If it is cloudy for a week in a row, try not to shower. Because once it is drenched with water on a cloudy day and there is no sunlight, the orchid cannot perform photosynthesis, and only water is supplied, which will lead to root necrosis.

As mentioned earlier, for large orchids in many pots, a preliminary estimate is that three weeks after the first watering, they should be watered, but this is not mechanical and rigid, and it depends on the actual situation: three weeks later , it is good to see the sun on a sunny day; if it is cloudy, don't be impatient, it is necessary to wait for most days!

In general, hydrating orchids should be done on a sunny day when needed.


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