Rose Flower New Language Rose Color Meanings

Rose Flower New Language Rose Color Meanings often receives inquiries from customers, wanting to know what color roses should be given on a certain occasion. We all know that a rose is the perfect embodiment of love, but the color of a rose has different meanings. You can express your love perfectly if you send it right.

red rose

Red Rose

The red rose represents love, enthusiasm, love for you, courtship, I love you, passionate love, and hope that there will be passionate love with you. It is the most popular and typical Valentine's Day gift. However, if you want to send roses to a new girlfriend, you should stay away from red roses, because red roses express deep romantic feelings, so they are perfect gifts for your wife or long-term partner.


Yellow Rose

Yellow is a bright and cheerful color, one of the happiest shades in roses. For friendship, yellow roses represent pure friendship and good blessings. Yellow roses are suitable for Galentine's Day and are given to your girlfriends. It means that you are her good friend. But for love, yellow roses are even an ominous thing, because it represents Jealousy, broken love and lost love, even an expression of jealousy. In Japan, the yellow rose is the representative gift of a breakup, representing goodbye and rejection of love. Sometimes it also means apologizing for love.


Deep pink rose

Deep pink roses represent happiness and gratitude. Although red represents passionate love, the deep pink rose is more of a symbol of admiration. Deep pink roses symbolize gratitude, grace and joy, and they are milder than red. When giving it to a friend to express gratitude, it is a good choice for dark pink roses.


Pink rose

Pink roses represent first love, courtship, keeping in mind, liking your bright smile, love and special care, emotion in the heart, declaration of love, and moving. French flower language experts say that pink rose is the most versatile of all female shades. These roses are suitable for all occasions. It can express gratitude, is also a great choice for someone who is sad, or a good way to congratulate or acknowledge first love. In addition, pink roses are beautiful, and they are also liked by most girls. According to a market survey by Youzhihuapu, pink roses are the best seller on Valentine's Day in Hong Kong.

light pink rose

Light pink rose

Light pink roses represent admiration, grace, happiness and tenderness. These beautiful light pink roses are a great gift for mothers, sisters and even girlfriends. The light pink is more gentle and the color is very soft, suitable for confession, and can be given to the girl you like.

White Rose

White rose

The white rose represents virginity, innocence, purity, respect, humility, and beauty. In foreign countries, white roses are also called "bridal flowers" because weddings symbolize a new beginning. White roses are still considered an indispensable flower in weddings. They are especially popular in bridal bouquets and floral decorations. . But in Hong Kong, due to Chinese tradition, white roses are rarely used for happy events. But giving a bunch of fresh white roses is an ideal gift for romantic blooming.

Orange Rose

Orange rose

We already know that red roses represent affection, and yellow roses represent friendship. Since orange is a combination of the two, it can be regarded as a bridge between the two. It represents shyness and a mysterious love for you. It is a symbol of desire and passion. Orange roses are a wonderful and unique gift that can convey passion. You can give them as gifts for love, congratulations, friendship, thanks, etc. It is suitable for occasions such as sending flowers to congratulate your promotion or sending flowers to graduation.

Champagne Rose

Champagne Rose

Champagne rose represents that I only fall in love with you, and represents pure and dedicated love. Although white rose is generally considered a pure color, champagne rose has a more subtle meaning. Champagne rose symbolizes charm and considerate and dedicated love. It is a perfect way to express your thoughts to someone, whether you want to thank someone for doing something special, or just make them smile, or show you that you treat her You can't go wrong with Champagne Rose.

Burgundy rose< /p>

Burgundy rose

Like red roses, burgundy roses are a passionate choice for your lover. According to, the modern meaning behind these stunning crimson roses is unconscious beauty. However, historically, in the Victorian era, these dark beauties expressed deep devotion, and they are a unique alternative to traditional red.

green rose

green rose

The green rose represents innocence, hope, and the permanent residence of youth. It is the color of life, enrichment and rejuvenation. The green rose is a wonderful celebration of good news and a new beginning. Many people think that green roses are dyed, but this is not the case. Green roses began to bloom naturally around 1743. According to foreign media reports, apart from single rose or wild rose, they may be the oldest rose. But here is the thing: authentic, undyed green roses actually have no petals-only green sepals. Sending green roses to your girlfriend means that she is always young and beautiful in your mind and will have eternal love with her.

blue rose

Blue rose

Unlike most other color roses, blue roses do not exist in nature. Therefore, the blue rose represents something mysterious, impossible or unattainable. If you want someone to know that they are unique, then a bunch of blue roses is a good choice.


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