Anthurium, (scientific name: Anthurium andraeanum) also known as anthurium. It is a monocotyledonous plant of the Araceae family. Anthurium is a perennial herb. It is native to tropical American rain forests and has about 1,000 original species.

Anthurium has short stem nodes and leaves from the base, green, leathery, whole, oblong heart-shaped or oval heart-shaped. Leathery and waxy luster, orange-red or scarlet; can bloom continuously all year round. Anthurium likes a warm, humid, semi-shady environment and avoid direct sunlight. Whether potted plants, cut flowers, or garden shades are planted and beautified, they are popular among Hong Kong consumers. In Hong Kong, cut anthurium flowers are often used for opening flower basket designs.

Anthurium conservation:

Anthurium looks more festive, whether it is for opening flower baskets or potted plants, they are very popular. Anthurium potted plants love sunlight, but they are afraid of direct sunlight. Just put it in a place with diffuse light and ventilation, the temperature is between 16℃-33℃, the relative humidity of the air is 70%-80%, and it can be watered if it sees dry or wet (not on the leaf surface at night Water spray). For fertilization, Anthurium andraeanum are more fertile. For root fertilization, you can apply thin fertilizer regularly.

Anthurium efficacy:

Anthurium can absorb the exhaust gas (ammonia, acetone) discharged from the human body, and can also absorb various harmful gases (formaldehyde, etc.) remaining in the decoration. At the same time, it can keep the air moist and prevent the human nasal mucosa from drying out.