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Valentine's Day present - Preserved Flowers Rose

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Preserved Flowers: roses


Length: 18cm*15cm*9cm

Valentine's Day gift Preserved Flowers ROSE is mainly composed of 9 imported Preserved Flowers roses. 9 roses means "long-lasting love", the flower language of 9 roses is "permanent possession, lifelong love", and sending 9 roses represents "firm love".

Preserved flowers are almost the same as fresh flowers in terms of color, shape and feel. They maintain the characteristics of fresh flowers, and have richer colors and higher uses. Bouquets made of preserved flowers can be preserved for at least 2-3 years.

Use for: Valentine's Day, Birthday, Wedding Anniversary, Proposal.

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beautiful and beautiful

A bouquet gift box with a sense of ceremony, beautiful and beautiful


Great design and well bloomed roses

Great design and well bloomed roses

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