Customized bouquets or flower baskets


We understand that everyone has different requirements and tastes. The flowers on Youzhihuapu may not meet your requirements, so we launch tailor-made bouquets and flower baskets. We can customize them according to your requirements, close to the personal bouquets or flower baskets you need. Before ordering flowers, please contact our sales team and consult with us. We are happy to listen to your needs and try our best to provide you with satisfactory bouquets or flower baskets.

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Ordering process of customized bouquets:

1. Please tell us what flowers you need (imported flowers are selected)

2. What kind of bouquet do you want to make (photos are provided)

3. Size S/M/L/XL/XXL

4. Settlement time

5. We will give you a quotation and discuss later

*After deciding the material, it will never be returned*

Custom notice

1. Once the custom order processing process starts (including material ordering), the custom product cannot be replaced, returned or refunded.

2. We do not recommend that you make any modifications to the completed custom flower gift, because the modification will cause the loss of the flower material and affect the appearance. If modification is necessary, the customer shall bear the risk.

3. We will make as much as possible in accordance with the requirements described by the customer, but since the flower gift is a handicraft and each person's aesthetics is different, the customer shall bear the relevant risk.

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Thank you, customer service, for your patient answers

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